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Contains Long-Lasting Antibacterial Properties, Creates a Self-disinfecting Layer Against Viruses

Creates an anti-virus self protecting layer on surfaces such as push buttons,switches, stainless objects, touch screens, handles, poles, IT devices such as cellphones, keyboards, laptops, vehicle dashboards and interiors.


• Contains powerful antibacterial agents which eliminate 99.999% of common bacteria and viruses.

• Effectively kills positive-gram, negative-gram bacteria and enveloped viruses

• Pleasant Fragrance

• Non- Corrosive, leaves no stains


Passed JIS Z 2801: 2010/A1 2012

(test method for anti bacterial activity & efficacy).

Our formulation consist of Benzalkonium chloride which is one of the (Active Ingredients listed in NEA website - Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%). Provides up to 90 days of disinfection efficiency for all inanimate surfaces after coating with GTG Viral Shield.


Direction For Use:

Spray on surface and gently wipe dry.

GTG Viral Shield (Surface Disinfect Coating) 150ml Spray Pump Bottle

SKU: 9999E.640.01.31
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