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GTG Petrol Saver

(for Petrol engines)

A breakthrough universal petrol saving additive that enhances performance and improves combustion delivering fuel saving benefits up to 10%.

GTG Petrol Saver additive Protect injectors and intake valves, Improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions.

Provides protection against corrosion and emulsion in wet fuel systems.

Improves combustion efficiency of gasoline engines and reduces wear coefficient along metal-to-metal surfaces.


Real Life Fuel Economy

Cleaner Engine

Corrosion Control

Reduced Engine Wear

Enhanced Combustion

Less Harmful Emissions

Fuel & Petrol Saver_SI Online-02.jpg


Shake well before use. Add product into fuel tank. Per can 100 ml is appropriate for 60L fuel for maximum performance

Inh. / Cont. 100ml 

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