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Advanced high performance Fully Synthetic engine oil

GTG SAE 5W40 is an advanced synthetic formula- tion that provides outstanding protection against friction, heat and corrosion, keeping engines healthy and efficient. GTG additives reduce carbon or sludge buildup even in severe driving conditions. Excellent application range; from class K engines to WTI/ VTEC engines to European engines. Also suitable for use in turbo-charged cars providing increased engine quietness and reduced emissions.

•This special additive formula reduce deposits and sludge build-up

•Full synthetic formula that provides outstanding wear protection and superior thermal and oxidation stability for extended oil drain intervals according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

•Excellent cold start properties for fast engine protection

GTG 5W40_SI Online_1.jpg


ACEA A3/ B4; API SP ; BMW; Longlife 01; MB 229.5; VW Standard 502 00 and VW Standard 505 00; RN0700/0710

Inh. / Cont. 4L 

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