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High Performance Fully Synthetic Fuel Economy Engine Oil

GTG SAE 5W30 is a high performance fully synthetic engine oil. It is designed for use on low-emission, lightweight, modern Japanese and European engines with tight tolerances. This special additive formula provides extremely low friction with strengthened oil film for greater engine response and fuel efficiency. Continuous horsepower and torque with outstanding engine smoothness throughout the life of your engine with regular service life.


• Fully synthetic formula that provides excellent wear protection and prevent deposit and sludge build-up to enhance engine life

• Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability during the maximum oil change interval according to manufacturer recommendation

• Reduce emissions and exceeds Euro IV

GTG 5W30_SI Online_1.jpg


ACE A3/B4-16; API SP; MB 229.3; MB 229.5; RN0700/0710; BMW Longlife-98

Inh. / Cont. 4L 

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